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  • Naranjero de OrangAddict Valencia. Familia Serra-Bartual

    Family Pack

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  • Productos OrangAddict Valencia. Familia Serra-Bartual


    100% natural oranges and mandarins from the Valencian region.


  • Fundador OrangAddict Valencia. Familia Serra-Bartual


    Manual harvesting directly from the tree to you table.

From the tree to your table

From Serra’s Family we guarantee that the products that we offer are the best selection that exists of oranges and mandarins from the region of Valencia in Spain.

We harvest our fruits from the beginning of November until the end of March, so you can enjoy our oranges and mandarins during this period.

Flavor, Freshness and Quality

They’re the fundamental mainstays on which OrangAddict is based.

Guaranteed quality

Oranges and mandarins picked in their ideal point of ripeness.

Natural Products

100 % sustainable agriculture.

Process handmade

Pick and manual packing.

Valencia, the Oranges Land

Valencian oranges and mandarins are recognized as the highest quality in the world due to their flavor. This excellence is achieved thanks to three key elements, the sun, the land and the know-how of the Valencian farmers. Its recognition is such that orange has become one of the emblematic symbols of the city.

Our best selection

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